Ways to increase brand awareness

Ways to increase brand awareness

Having your products or services in front of your target market is the key to ongoing success. There are many ways to get your brand front and centre in people’s minds. 

The most simple and effective methods are to:

– Increase your ranking through an SEO strategy

– Use promotional products to showcase your name

– Find a point of difference about what you do to make your brand stand out

Some of the ways to achieve an increase in brand awareness can involve specialised skills and methods.

Of all the different types of marketing, the bottom line is making sure you have your name in front of as many people as possible. 

This is when traditional promotion and something specific as SEO marketing may seem like drastically different ways to showcase your brand. They can and do actually work together and in a very powerful way. 

How does SEO work?

When it comes to the top search engines, they need to find your website to be able to give it a ranking. There are a number of factors at play in how high your name appears and why.

Search marketing services

One much-overlooked issue is the trust flow of your website. This relates to the links to your site, and the quality of those links is a crucial signal that search engines look for to rank a brand online.

Strong SEO is all about optimising your website to help search engines find and index your site. If this is done properly, then your chances to appear in front of anyone searching for what you offer are increased. 

It’s all about being visible to search engines and making sure your site gives them the right information they are looking for. If you don’t have that information clearly outlined, the search engine won’t find you. That is a serious problem and a missed opportunity.

If you aren’t visible online, then you are wasting your time and money on a website.

Making more of each promotion

You may think that promotional marketing is a completely different type of marketing than SEO.

That is not exactly true, and it can be a mistake to think that all your different marketing streams are unrelated.

They should always go hand in hand to achieve the best results. How?

That is when you need to think in a bigger-picture way.

What are you actually marketing? It could be your brand, a particular product or a specific service.

Ultimately, it is still your brand that you’re promoting. Even if you have something like a special product launch, you are still putting your brand out there and showcasing it with that particular product.

Just ask yourself if you only want to be remembered for a product and does it matter if no one knows your company is responsible for producing it.

That can be a little bit like giving a special gift that is greatly appreciated, but the recipient doesn’t know who is responsible or who to thank.

The keys to an effective promotional marketing

Promotional marketing can help with brand awareness, but it needs to be part of a full marketing strategy. You can easily devalue your brand name by being seen as overdoing things and becoming pushy. 

Whether you are offering:

● A special discount or giveaway

● Setting up a pop-up store

● Hosting a product launch

● Taking part in a trade show or conference

The whole idea is to be more visible and get more sales or leads. Just because someone doesn’t buy what you are offering today doesn’t mean they won’t consider it at a later stage. It all comes down to how memorable you are. This is precisely why all your marketing should be about keeping your brand top of mind.

What your brand can say about you

While the idea of a Mission Statement seems somewhat outdated these days, there will always be an overarching strategy about what your company does, how it does it and why.

It’s never as simple as ‘make more sales and grow the profits.’

Start the process by asking yourself what you really want to be known for.

It won’t be for making as much money as possible from customers or clients. It’s more likely to be about solving a problem for customers or adding value to their lives in some way.

While SEO is about improving your ranking and being seen by more of your target market, the promotional marketing side of things is most often about a physical object.

This can be anything from a printed flyer to a branded key ring.

A fresh take on your brand

Thinking outside the box can be an effective way to showcase your brand. 

Having a custom-made branded item is always seen as something special when it comes to promotional products. 

It can be anything from tote bags to stationery or clothing to chocolates. 

Offering a corporate gift to long-term clients with your branding shows that you value them while promoting your name at the same time.

This can extend to your own employees, with gifts of encouragement and as staff rewards.

It might be something for a staff team who can wear custom basketball jerseys. This can be a special branded basketball jersey design that could be worn week in and week out for long-term promotional value.

Other promotional ideas can be items that give a personality to your brand that can include promotional products in Australia or something fun and seasonal like a Melbourne showbag.

Staying in the spotlight

The most important thing in promoting brand awareness is to be consistent. Whether you use the best in search marketing services to ensure your SEO profile is hitting all the right marks or you are using promotional products to get your name out there – it is quality that matters.

You need a professional SEO strategy and marketing group behind you if you want your name front and centre of internet searches. You also need the best in promotional products to show that your brand should be valued for what you offer.

With the right game plan and team working with you, there’s every chance that you will be memorable for all the right reasons.

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