How To Create a Fun Event

How To Create a Fun Event

One of the hardest things to do when organising and executing an event for a large group of people is making the event fun and memorable for everyone. With attendees being easily distracted and hard to keep entertained for long, it can be easy to just throw in a mix of all the fun ideas you come up with and hope for the best. Instead, you should be looking to stay organised and choose a theme. Use the following tips and tools to create a fun event – from a special party to a museum display or art show.

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Make it a theme

The last thing you want to do when organising an event is to forget about cohesion and consistency. Hire a professional event setup designer to help keep you on track with a specific theme or look. For example, mesh panels can be used throughout a colour or concept theme to make the whole experience unforgettable from one display to the next.

Make it engaging 

There should be a certain sense of the ‘wow’ factor when people first enter your event. A colourful and engaging event setting will draw people in and give them a sense of eagerness to see what’s next. 

This approach is especially beneficial to events where reverence or focus is expected, such as art galleries or museum displays. Where an event may seem otherwise simply educational, putting a fun twist on it can help keep people engaged and stay for the whole experience. 

Make it interactive

A museum display can be informative and interactive if you have the ideal setup. The same can be said for art services as well. For example, a Melbourne entertainment company can help bring museum pieces and art displays to a new level by hosting interactive stations. Patrons can feel like they are part of the show, making the experience more memorable and fun.

It’s easy to make a museum display or art exhibit interactive. You could have a voting station at each of the displays where visitors can choose which art or museum piece they like best. Another idea is to have an artist or museum curator conduct a live show or panel discussion.

When hiring a professional for your event, it pays to choose a specialist. For something specific, you will do well to find someone such as the top corporate entertainment Melbourne has on offer. This gives you a trusted expert over one who mainly entertains on a smaller scale. A corporate event specialist will be better equipped with special touches like having metal mesh Melbourne supplies and other artistic flourishes to make your event successful and eye-catching.

Make it a ‘must-see’

Unless an event is hosted by a notable celebrity or is a celebration of something special, there’s a risk that it may just blend with all the rest. It’s up to you and your entertainment company to make your event one that everyone wants to be invited to! 

You can create interest and patron urgency by having exciting art displays with vivid lighting. Have plenty of marketing to play up your event so it’s well-known in the community and a much anticipated event right up until the day it takes place. 

Another way to create interest in your event is to offer incentives to patrons. Work with your art services andentertainment company to devise an incentive strategy, such as:

1. A scavenger hunt

Ensure every exhibit gets visited by creating a scavenger hunt for patrons to enjoy. Those who complete the scavenger hunt get a prize or other reward. 

2. A door prize

A door prize is a great way to get people to come to your event on time. Have an incentive where ticket holders who come to your event first get a prize at the door, such as a token for merchandise or a first-look at museum displays. 

3. A referral program

Create a referral program that encourages the public to bring their friends who don’t have tickets. For every referral a person brings to your event, they’ll get a discount on your next one. 

Incentives give the public a reason beyond simple interest to come to your event and can help it stand out. Go over potential incentive ideas with your marketing team and entertainment company to see what works best with your budget. 

Make it easy to navigate

Your event should be organised so that there is an ideal flow throughout and it’s easy for the public to get to see everything on show. If your patrons feel crowded, restricted or overwhelmed, their experience won’t be as positive as you would like it to be. 

Your art services company can do a walk-through of all your displays before the event to ensure everything is well-placed. Do a walk-through yourself; take note of how long it takes to get through all the displays and how easy it is to navigate from one location to the next. 

Remember: an overcrowded event is not only less fun, but also a potential fire hazard or public danger. Avoid overcrowding by limiting ticket sales, which makes your event more exclusive. Have your event hosted several times a day so visits are spaced and make sure that panels are several arm lengths apart from one another for better crowd control.

Make it relatable

Unless your event is designed to make a specific statement, make sure the event is relatable and entertaining. If you want the displays to be fun, make sure the exhibits are fun! Limit the number of thought-provoking or intense pieces and counterbalance these displays with soft lighting and lots of colour. 

You can use colour psychology to your advantage here as well. Red, pink, yellow, orange, and earth tones can all be used in your setup and design to make your event bright and engaging. 

The lowdown on your event highlights

Any entertainment company specialist will have ideas to make your event perfect. You can use their ideas as well as your own to create an unforgettable event on any budget. 

Go over your event plan several times before the day so that if you spot any flaws in your event planning you’ll have time to change them. Finally, once the event has started, browse the crowd to ensure everyone is having a great time and check-in with your event staff so that everything runs smoothly.

Your company can enjoy the benefits of a great promotional event and positive word of mouth spreading with your name on everyone’s lips.