5 Elements of Home Design that affect your mood

5 Elements of Home Design that affect your mood

Home Design is all about giving you the ability to make the most of the space in which you live and create the perfect mood.

Many people think that the design of a home is simply about function and form, but these two elements need to work in harmony. To break it down to just two factors is a mistake that too many homes suffer from. 

This is when you find that house, apartment or unit doesn’t actually feel like a home, it’s just a place where someone lives.

Taking into consideration each of the key elements to quality home design will help bring out the character, personality and charm of each space. It creates a welcoming and warm environment where the atmosphere adds to the liveability of the home.

The elements to consider

Some may argue that there are more than 5 key elements to the best in home design, but we think it’s easier to break it down to the following:

  • Space
  • Light
  • Lines
  • Colour
  • Form

These elements can’t work alone. They are all part of the bigger picture and how your home will look and feel.

Space – this has probably the most bearing on how inviting and relaxing your home will feel. Using the space wisely and not just for function will create a mood that helps you enjoy every moment at home.

The classic mistake is to try and fill all the space in your home with different pieces, such as furniture, rugs, decorative effects and artwork on the walls. 

The space of your home includes making space to move, breathe and think. The temptation to fill any void can quickly lead to clutter and a feeling of being cramped and confined. The last thing you need is to have your interiors feel like a trap.

It’s crucial to leave open areas and empty walls for your eyes to find what you want to focus on. The mind can easily become overloaded and distracted by having too much to see and take in.

Light – this is where you can make the most of all the different design elements. Without the best use of light, you may be wasting an opportunity to have everything in the space work to its best.

Using natural light as much as possible is vital to the creation of a relaxing and revitalising home. 

Relying on artificial lighting throughout your home is one way of bringing about a cold and sterile environment as your living space. All lighting should work hand in hand with the use of any natural light source. This connection to nature is fundamental to generating an inviting atmosphere.

Lines – There are three different forms of lines being horizontal, vertical and directional. The spacing of lines and their continuity throughout your home can add the best of harmony and aesthetic. 

The lines within the home direct the energy of each room and have the ability to make a space look and feel higher, wider or send the focus to special furnishings.

Colour – the choice of colours in your home is the most obvious element to focus on especially when it comes to a mood. This can only work when it is part of the total design package. Without the proper use of light and space, the colour scheme can work against the home rather than enhance it. 

Form – the shapes within the home design are important to bringing out the character and personality of your place. Sharp and squared shapes can be utilised in areas like the kitchen or the home office. To invite a subtlety and softness to your living areas, consider the more natural shapes where curves and rounded edges add another level of enticement.

The element of surprise

Using an unusual touch to the elements in your home design can be a simple way to showcase your personal taste.

A few examples are things like highlighting your timber flooring with a special tint of quality timber oilIf the flooring is worn or needs rejuvenating, choosing a high-grade timber floor polish can restore, enhance and protect this precious asset of your home and add character.

The benefits to your indoor living can be reflected and matched by adding a similar charm to your outdoor and entertainment areas. This is where the special characteristics of the best oiling deck can be hugely advantageous.

If you’ve never seen the beauty that a Japanese wood deck can bring, then you are in for a real treat.

Taking a page from the professionals’ book

Ever wondered why a real estate company will often bring out the best of almost any property?

The expertise and experience of a rental property management will know how to shift the focus to all the best things about each property. 

There are many instances of a rental space standing out from the rest. This could be one of many city apartments but the individual design and furnishing of that one place becomes the most sought after on the market.

You could search for property management near me to get an insider’s tip on how to use your own space. It could be beneficial to check the different options in home design around your area.

Often a design website will offer some ideas as an example where you can find inspiration and a style that could work well within you home.

The mood of your place is one of the most important things that your choice of home design will bring.

Feeling inspired, peaceful, refreshed, tranquil or invigorated is all made possible by the elements which invoke those moods.

The key to having a place that feels like an extension of the people who live within those walls is opened by the style of your home design.